What kind of house do you need for your production?
If you are looking for locations with a specific style, at On Locations we will look for the best option to meet the needs of your audiovisual production. Come shoot with us!

What kind of house do you need for your production?

If you are looking for locations with a specific style, at On Locations we will look for the best option to meet the needs of your audiovisual production. Come shoot with us!

There are many different types of houses in Spain, their diverse characteristics should be taken into account when choosing the location that best suits the needs of your audiovisual production. Classic, retro, Mediterranean, modern, rural – there is a lot of variety! In this article we will focus on their main peculiarities.

Contemporary House

The contemporary style is a current trend characterized by being between the avant-garde and the classic styles. These are locations that fit our modern times.

The highlight in this type of architecture is the use of straight lines that draw simple shapes. The architecture of contemporary-style houses is functional – dedicated to the needs of the people living in them – large, bright and open spaces proliferate.

In contemporary houses, light or very dark colors are generally used. The white-black combination is very common, along with the range of light and dark brown colors.

Mediterranean House

Mediterranean architecture is strongly focused on the concept of your house as your home. These properties reflect local culture with light colors and simple shapes, creating a comforting, relaxing environment. Interiors are warm and cozy and materials such as stone and wood are used liberally. Walls are usually white with highlights in shades of green and blue, evoking the sea.

Mediterranean-style locations usually have the house very connected with the garden and close to the outside porch. Their pools are normally fully integrated in the environment in which they are located.

Colonial House

Colonial architecture is born from the union of styles of the colonizers and locals. In general these properties are beautiful, harmonious and have large spaces with great material quality and accessories usually made of wood or silver.

The American Colonial and the Eastern Colonial are the best known and most popular styles. These houses are capable of recreating elegant and exotic atmospheres. High wooden-structure beds and dressers are typical decorative elements.

In the American Colonial style, the furniture is simple, solid and without many ornaments, with refined, classic and straight lines. In the Eastern Colonial style, the furniture fulfills a functional function and it is in harmony with the space.

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Classic Style house

Whether Baroque, Neoclassical, Renaissance, or Chic, the spaces and decoration of a classic-style location are versatile and can meet the most diverse tastes and preferences. You can’t miss the large wooden tables, upholstered chairs or large bookcases

It can have linear and geometric shapes, or have curved and convex lines; it can be very simple, with balanced and discrete decorative elements or, on the contrary, use imposing and majestic structures, overloaded with ornaments, borders and marquetry.

The classic style is usually seen in luxury residences, country houses or for lofts and city apartments. However, it can even show up in very modern structures, it adapts to all types of environments.

In terms of colors, there is a lot of variety. These properties can be seen in calm pastel colors or very vivid tones, matte or bright finishes, sometimes even with a special aging effect that’s achieved with specific enamels.

Rustic, rural or provenzal style house

These homes are fully integrated in their region, as if they had always been there. They are cozy houses where natural materials such as wicker, wood or brick will be the elements that stand out.

In these locations, we can see in use mostly “untreated” or very lightly processed wood with that “old” and natural color that is so popular. As for lighting, softer light predominates, based on hanging lanterns or rows of light bulbs of warm colors.

Another fundamental element of rustic-style houses are the wooden beams seen on the ceilings. These types of beams require prior care and restoration, but then give your rooms a unique style.

American Style house

This architectural style is based largely on colonial architecture which is very widespread in American single-family housing. There are many and very different styles that can be included within the typical “American house”, each with a design that adapts to the lifestyle of the family that lives in it.

American houses stand out for the speed at which they are built, the flexibility when it comes to building (size, distribution, materials, …) and the high quality of their thermal insulation, depending where they’re located.

In many cases they use wood in their construction and in the decorative elements.

Eco-friendly houses

An eco-friendly home is usually built with natural, recovered, recycled or fully recyclable materials, which, in addition to being ecological, are also strong. Its objective is to reduce energy consumption and waste.

Eco-friendly interiors are full of natural materials such as stone and wood and light colors which allow better use of natural light. The decoration stands out for using environmentally friendly furniture and materials. These locations are characterized by reusing all types of recycled materials and products for decoration.

Eco-friendly houses opt for the use of natural and organic fabrics such as cotton, linen and organic wool. Dry plants and branches are used to give these houses a fresh ecological touch.


Penthouses are always on the top floor of a building. They are the highest and most prized homes, valued for their views, the absence of noise from the streets and neighbors, and because they are usually accompanied by a generous terrace with plenty of natural light.

Many years ago, living on the top floor of a building was reserved for those who had less income, since the buildings had no elevators and the air conditioning was poor. With the passage of time and improvements in construction, these attics have become the ideal properties for many people.

Studios and Lofts

There are many differences between these locations since a studio and a loft have different sizes, prices and functions.

Studios commonly have one or two rooms, ideal for a single person or for a couple. They are usually found in old buildings.

Lofts are usually large and built at street level because they were an office or business premises. They have large spaces, no original interior divisions and high ceilings.

In both cases, the decoration styles vary from industrial to minimalist styles – or everything that owners can imagine – they are very versatile spaces. Bare textures on walls are often used, adopting exposed brick or cement. Many times they have smooth polished concrete floors.

Unique houses

Within the concept of “unique houses,” we find locations where creativity and innovation join the construction process to create very special properties.

They can be palaces, prefabricated houses, in the countryside, in the middle of the city… Sometimes they stand out only for their original construction and others for their historical content.

They are houses that demonstrate that architecture can materialize in any form, from straight lines and perfect geometric shapes to infinite curved lines fully adapted to the available space or land.

Now that we’ve discussed several styles of houses where you can locate your audiovisual production – maybe we have helped inspire you. Tell us your needs and we will work to offer you the best solution!


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