Shooting in Catalonia, we have all the tips!
We can help you obtain shooting permits from different branches of government (parks department, transit, etc.) and request the reduction of some fees for non-advertising productions.

Shooting in Catalonia, we have all the tips!

We can help you obtain shooting permits from different branches of government (parks department, transit, etc.) and request the reduction of some fees for non-advertising productions.

On Locations a is a location agency based in Barcelona that offers properties in Catalonia and all of Spain for production companies from around the world.

*Please bear in mind that these prices and deadlines are from 2019.

For what do you need to request permission to shoot in Catalonia?

To do a film or photo production in Catalonia, permits must be requested from different municipalities and institutions – depending on where you want to shoot.

Each municipality establishes its own ordinances and conditions on the occupation and use of streets and other public locations.

What kind of permits do we have to film in Catalonia?

Permits to shoot on beaches in Catalonia:

To occupy any public maritime locations, it’s necessary to request authorization at least 15 days in advance, taking into account that during the summer period (between July 15 and August 31), filming is authorized on Catalonian beaches only from Monday to Friday after 8:00 p.m. and before 9:00 a.m.

Permits to shoot on trains and in train stations:

To shoot inside trains and train stations in Barcelona or Catalonia, it’s necessary to send the script or the sequences to be shot at each location and a brief dossier of the production to the institution which regulates the location. The costs are different depending on the type of station, the time of occupation of each location and the complexity of the production.

Permits to shoot in airports:

To shoot in the airports of Catalonia – El Prat de Llobregat, Girona, Reus and Sabadell it’s necessary to request an individual permit for each one. Each one has different restrictions and prices.

Permits to shoot in churches or cathedrals:

To shoot in any church or religious center in Barcelona, you must send an outline of the script and the scene you want to shoot at the location in order to obtain the permit.

Permits to shoot in natural parks:

In general, shoots in these locations have to have a reduced environmental impact. The deadlines for processing are long, so contact us in advance!

Permits to shoot on roads:

Productions on roads need to be authorized and permits must be requested at least 10 business days in advance.

There are two types of authorizations for filming on roads:

  • For shoots which require heavy use of the road either due to the hero vehicles themselves or the filming needs for the road (for example, if traffic has to be cut off for crane movements).
  • For shoots with vehicles with attached cameras that do not require an exceptional use of the road since the set ups comply with traffic regulations.
Contact Onlocations so we can help you manage all the permits you need to make your audiovisual production in Barcelona or Catalonia. Call us now and save a lot of time!
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What types of filming permits do we have in Barcelona and how much do they cost?

To make photographs or filming in which you have to use a tripod or some installation of special features during the performance of audiovisual works, authorizations or permits must be requested depending on the number of people on the recording equipment.

Permit to shoot on public streets:

  • Basic permit authorization for occupying and filming on public space
    • This permit allows you to use only 1 camera and 1 tripod.
    • Shooting hours are from 8 am to 10 pm
    • Maximum team size is 10 people
    • Vehicles cannot be used to shoot
    • Unable to cut traffic 
    • This permit is free of charge!
  • License to occupy public space for shootings
    • This permit allows you to use more than 1 camera and more than 1 tripod – you can bring all your gear!
    • The size of the team can be more than 10 people – sky’s the limit…
    • Parking space reservations to park technical vehicles and clear shooting areas can be requested.
    • Processing fee is € 38.36 plus:
      • Filming – € 593.78 per day and location
      • Photoshoots – € 332.72 per day and location
  • Car with attached camera permit
    • This permit allows you to drive through every street of Barcelona, except Ronda de Dalt, Ronda Litoral and Ronda del Mig.
    • You can’t occupy bus lanes
    • Traffic rules must always be respected
    • At least one lane must always be free for other passing vehicles.
    • It’s forbidden to cut or alter traffic.
    • You can shoot all day and all night

Permits to shoot in parks and gardens:

The permits to shoot in these locations are regulated by the Parks and Gardens department of Barcelona. Ciutadella, Plaça Gaudí, Plaça Sagrada Familia, the beach front walkways, among other public properties, are all under this permit which must be requested at least 15 days in advance.

The permit costs €593.78 for film productions (per day and location) and € 332.72 (per day and location) for photoshoots.

Permission to shoot on beaches:

Within the municipality of Barcelona, permits to shoot on beaches must be requested at least 15 days in advance, other municipalities may vary.

If you want to make an audiovisual production on Barcelona’s beaches, you have to take into account that from June to September, shooting is restricted and only allowed from Monday to Friday, between 7am and 10am in the morning or between 7pm and 10pm at the night.

The fees to be paid for all types of productions are €150 when the occupation requires between 0 and 50m2. From 50m2 onwards they are €50 for every extra 50m2.

Permits to shoot in municipal markets:

Permits to shoot at these locations must be requested at least one week in advance and cost:

  • For promotional videos: € 173.84 (shoots in which the market’s normal activity isn’t affected -for example they can be done with the market being open and with a team of maximum 5 people with a camera and without a tripod.
  • Advertising and feature films, per day and per market: €707.85
  • Photoshoots per day and per market: €118.37

Permits to shoot in cemeteries:

Permit requests for filming or photo shoots in any of the 9 cemeteries of Barcelona, must be made with at least one week in advance. The filming fee according to the Cemeteries Ordinance is €591,16. You will also need to hire a security person to accompany you (approx. €20 per hour). Finally, € 1,000 will be held by the cemetery as a security deposit and will be refunded once the production is over.

Permits to shoot in municipal facilities:

To carry out a filming or photo session in municipal buildings such as museums, schools, sports facilities, civic centers, district headquarters or the Port of Barcelona, you have to pay the fees established by each location. You also have to take into account that any expenses derived from the productions such as cleaning, surveillance or possible repairs and/or damage will be charged to the production company.


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