Key spaces in a house location for your production
One of the most important parts of a production is the choice of location. Finding a location appropriate to your needs isn’t always easy.

Key spaces in a house location for your production

One of the most important parts of a production is the choice of location. Finding a location appropriate to your needs isn’t always easy.

Today we are going to analyze the different spaces that can be used in a house or flat for different types of productions and the specs that must be met to get the shooting going smoothly.

First off, a little vocabulary – the “set” is the space in the location that will be used for filming or taking photos. Here we will set up camera, technicians, lighting, material, accessories…

What to consider when choosing an interior location

To make the art team’s job easier, it is advisable to look for an interior with decoration as similar as possible to the script or briefing so that we can meet the director’s expectations without having to make many changes in the decoration or furniture.

To shoot indoors, it’s ideal to choose a location with large exterior windows to take full advantage of natural light and have good lighting equipment to cover the days and/or hours with less natural light.

It’s also very useful and comfortable to have high ceilings and spacious rooms that allow easy movement of material and crew around the location.

Advantages of shooting indoors:

  • Weather conditions such as rain, snow or wind do not matter.
  • It’s easier to work with direct sound.
  • We avoid some bureaucratic and administrative procedures for permits.

Most frequently used spaces in a house

Living room

It’s usually the largest area in the location and allows you to recreate everyday situations with families or groups of friends. You can get many different shots (sofa, dining table, windows, bookcases, etc…).

It can be used for all types of audiovisual productions and photoshoots from a wide variety of sectors – a set for a TV series, a background for a YouTube video or as a location for a film production.

At On Locations we can offer you all kinds of styles of living rooms: minimalist, design, modern, classic, industrial, Nordic, Bohemian, Oriental, Baroque, vintage ... Tell us what your production needs are and we can look for the ideal spot!
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The important thing when filming a kitchen is having adequate space and the right angles – they’re usually smaller than the living room so sometimes its tricky to find a kitchen that works for filming.

Our clients usually like open and large kitchens with islands in the middle, a large table or a high bar that communicates with the living room.

If the kitchen has an extractor that’s hidden either in the ceiling or in the island itself, this is a major plus, as the extractor is usually an eye sore and can block the view of the actors’ faces.

The kitchen is a great space for filming or photographing your product in advertising campaigns, television interviews, video-recipes, corporate videos, product photography …

This space is usually used in productions for food and cleaning products, gastro photo sessions and beverage advertisements.


If a specific look is not defined in the script, it’s best to choose a neutral bathroom that goes with all styles, with colors like white, gray or beige. Soft colors allow the product or the protagonist to stand out more.

You also have to consider if the bathroom must have a shower or bathtub, if it has to be modern or vintage…

There are specially prepared bathroom sets for film and photo shoots, with walls that move to have more camera space, mirrors that open to place lighting equipment, very tall ceilings and decorative elements that can be moved and changed.

Bathrooms are mainly used for promoting cleaning and personal hygiene products.


To choose a bedroom, you have to take into account the type of session or filming that is going to take place – do you need a king size bed, a double with two beds, a baby, kid or teenagers’ room?

It is very important to have natural light and large windows. The room should ideally be spacious to fit your equipment and team. If you have to get top-shots, the location must have high ceilings.

If you have doubts about the characteristics a space for your next audiovisual production should have, contact Onlocations and we will find the location appropriate to your needs.

What to consider when choosing an exterior location

When we need to take into account the exteriors in a house or flat, we’re probably looking for charming backgrounds, views or a spectacular garden.

It’s important to consider access points to the location and parking logistics. We have to unload material but our vehicles can’t be in our shot!

When working outdoors you will usually have plenty of natural light but it’s crucial to know if you’ll have shadows from trees or nearby buildings that can affect your shoot.

Both in gardens and terraces, it is important that the views are spectacular if they are going to make wide shoots and that the entire exterior is well conditioned to be able to locate the material.

Most popular outdoor locations in a house


One of the most used spaces of a property for filming and photo shoots. In Catalonia you can shoot outdoors practically all year round thanks to our low rainfall and gorgeous light.

The characteristics of the ideal garden will depend on the needs of your production, you can find gardens with many plants and trees, with chillout spots and with impressive minimalist or rustic pools …

Film and photo shoots for all kinds of sectors are done in gardens. You can emulate a variety of situations from BBQ’s to luxury parties!


When our brief asks for views rather than the exterior of a building itself, an easy and cheap option is the terrace of an attic or the roof of a building, which allows for filming from high up.

You just have to make sure you can get all of your material up there!

The potential clients for this kind of location are practically infinite as it’s very generic.

If you are looking for spectacular views of the sea, the city of Barcelona, ​​fields, the mountains or a paradise cove, contact Onlocations and we will surprise you.


Although for a homeowner this might not seem like an interesting place to film, it’s one of our most requested locations. Sometimes clients come to film the driveway of the house exclusively and others as part of a production when using more spaces in the property.

It is important that the location has enough space to make wide shots, especially when working with a car that will take up a large part of the visual space. Ideally the driveway should be flat and have an interesting angle in relation to the house.

The requests for this type of location usually come from the automobile sector but we’ve also filmed driveway for alarm companies, cleaning brands, etc… there are many possibilities!

Now that we have done a broad review of the different spaces that can be used in a property and their main characteristics and limitations – should we start looking for the ideal location for your next shoot?


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