Catalonia: the best European destination for audiovisual production
The choice of a good location is the first step to a successful audiovisual production. Catalonia provides good weather, a variety of landscapes, many hours of light and a good transport network. We help you choose the ideal location!

Catalonia: the best European destination for audiovisual production

The choice of a good location is the first step to a successful audiovisual production. Catalonia provides good weather, a variety of landscapes, many hours of light and a good transport network. We help you choose the ideal location!

In Europe, Catalonia is considered one of Spain’s best regions for audiovisual productions. It has a territory of about 32,000 km2 and an ideal location. It borders to the north with France and Andorra, to the east with the Mediterranean Sea, with almost 600 km of coastline, to the south with the Valencian Community and to the west with Aragon.

In recent years, directors and screenwriters of successful films and series have chosen locations in Catalonia to shoot their productions. This is the case of Game of Thrones, in Girona, or the movie Perfume in Barcelona and Tortosa, among others.

Why locate your next audiovisual production in Catalonia?

Catalonia has very diverse and unique corners to locate your audiovisual productions. Cities, towns, mountains and beaches of unique beauty and incomparable charm. You can choose between fishing villages and beaches to the fields and steep peaks of the Pyrenees. If you are looking for a cosmopolitan location, its capital, Barcelona will delight your clients. If you need a medieval city, you can choose mysterious Girona or charming Tarragona.

Catalonia has about 2500 hours of full light per year, an average of more than 8 hours per day and only about 55 days with rainfall per year. The highest average temperature is 20 degrees and the lowest is 11 degrees. Ideal climatic conditions to produce your shoot at any time of the year.

Finally, the possibilities of transport by air, water or land are very diverse, for all types of budgets and needs. Ask us what is the best way to come to Catalonia to scout your production.

Great diversity of locations in Catalonia

In terms of natural environments – Catalonia has almost 600 km of coastline where you can find wonderful beaches of fine sand, fishing villages with fishing ports and great water sports, small virgin coves, heart-stopping cliffs and bustling tourist cities.

If we go inland, we find wine regions with large areas of vineyards, olive groves and fields of grains, diverse mountain ranges with unique landscapes and flora and fauna, natural parks with waterfalls, lakes, lagoons, volcanoes, desert areas and rice paddies.

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Catalonia has large cities such as Barcelona, Girona, Lleida or Tarragona, each with its own unique characteristics, cobbled streets, large avenues, unique buildings and urban parks.

As for villages, you can choose from the multitude of fishing villages with white houses such as Sitges or Cadaqués, medieval towns such as Besalú or Tossa de Mar, or even villages located in privileged environments such as Siurana or Castellfollit de la Roca.

If you are looking for locations with a specific type of architecture, Catalonia has samples of architecture from ancient civilizations such as Empúries or the Roman amphitheater in Tarragona, medieval constructions such as Cardona Castle or the Monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes, modernist buildings such as Colonia Güell or the Sant Pau Hospital and contemporary design like the Mercado de los Encantes or the 22@ district in Barcelona.

Iconic productions in locations in Catalonia

Several successful films have been shot in different parts of Catalonia. Let’s list some of them:

  • The German director Tom Tykwer chose some places in Barcelona, Tortosa and Girona to film some of the scenes of Perfume (2006).
  • Ocho Apellidos Catalanes shot between several picturesque villages in the Girona region.
  • Pedro Almodóvar placed Barcelona on the film map with the movie All About My Mother, with scenes in the Palau de la Música.
  • Vicky Cristina Barcelona with Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem and Scarlett Johansson used mythical settings of the city such as La Pedrera, Parc Güell and Sagrada Família.

As for TV series, in recent years HBO has filmed scenes from Game of Thrones in Girona and Westworld in Besalú.

 If we talk about music videos, Ed Sheraan has shot in a house in Sitges, Estopa in a quarry and Shakira in the port of Vallcarca, on the coast of Garraf.

Weather conditions for audiovisual productions

Catalonia has a Mediterranean climate in general, although due to its geographical variety it has great variations of climate and temperatures between the coast, the inland territories and the mountain ranges, which allows you to choose between different locations depending on the needs you have for your shoot.

It is located in an area of high annual sunshine within the European continent, the are 2,500 hours of sunshine per year in this region. This means more than 300 days of sunshine and only 55 days with rainfall.

The months with the most rain are in spring (March-May) and autumn (September-November). The month with the lowest probability of precipitation is July and also the one with the most hours of sunlight to get the most out of your location in Catalonia.

As for temperatures, the most pleasant months to film or shoot are April, May, September and October since thermometers do not usually go below 10 degrees or rise more than 26 degrees.

Great transport infrastructure

As we have already mentioned, Catalonia is in a strategic location within Europe with a large transport infrastructure that can also serve as locations for your productions.

In Catalonia there are 6 airports, among which are Barcelona, Girona and Reus with regular commercial flights to many destinations. There are also airports in Sabadell, Lleida and La Seu d’Urgell.

Barcelona Airport is the second largest airport in Spain and is the main airport in Catalonia and the Mediterranean coast. In 2018, almost 50.2 million passengers passed through its facilities, which places it 6th in the list of European airports in 2018.

The connections with the main capitals of Europe have several daily departures and, in annual passenger volume, the ranking is as follows: Paris (2,486,422), London (2,320,934), Amsterdam (1,420,354), Rome ( 1,332,629), Frankfurt (1,016,101) and Brussels (944,520).

On the Catalan coast there are a large number of commercial, sporting and fishing ports, among which Barcelona and Tarragona stand out due to their size. If you are looking for an original port to locate your film or photoshoot, we can help you.

Catalonia has more than 12,000km of roads for car traffic between roads and highways. We must also consider the myriad of forest paths and private roads that exude mystery and seclusion.

Finally, Catalonia’s rail network has more than 1,000 km of tracks between suburban, regional, long distance and high speed trains. Spread throughout the territory there are hundreds of stations worthy of being the next location for your production.

The city of Barcelona also several subway lines (some cutting edge, others a bit more retro), the tram, the funicular and the cable car as methods of transportation and locations. Isn’t this sounding like an amazing place to film your next TVC or movie?

Audiovisual production in Barcelona city

During 2018, 3,715 national and international productions were located in the city of Barcelona.

This past year, the productions that have predominated in Barcelona have been for advertising, followed by short films and web content.

Films, fiction series, documentaries, TV shows, corporate videos, musical and artistic productions have also been shot in the city … The city of Barcelona has all kinds of locations, we can help you find the ideal one for your production.

Among the city’s different spaces, these were the most chosen locations during 2018:

  • Streets and public spaces managed by the Guardia Urbana – 2,783 productions
  • Parks and gardens – 302 productions
  • Spaces managed by B:SM – 94 productions
  • Markets – 177 productions
  • Cemeteries – 26 productions
  • Museums – 44 productions
  • Municipal spaces – 160 productions
  • Other spaces – 56 productions

This statistical data has been extracted from the Annual Balance of 2018 that analyses the film activity of Barcelona, prepared by the Barcelona Film Commission.

We find the ideal location for your audiovisual production

If with all of this information you still can’t decide where to shoot, contact us and we will help you find the most appropriate locations and dates to make your project successful.
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